Marketing Management Trainee Fresh, Funky and Fun NORTH KINGDOM GROUP

Saturday, 21 September 2013


North Kingdom Group, No.1 Office in Indonesia is looking for new refreshment. We are growing as a company and we want to continue expanding. We want to be not only in Jakarta, but we want also in Bali, Batam, Surabaya, Makassar and Bandung.

We are specializing ourselves in doing sales and marketing for our clients. We are part of international group that have open 800 offices in 28 different countries. And now we are in Indonesia and we are going to expand. We do marketing in face to face level, that is where we represent our company's client to our customer in face to face level. We do face to face marketing in small business, corporate business, special events, shopping center, airport, office building and street campaign.

Marketing Management Trainee will train people in our company from entry level up to management area. We have a very successful training program that have open up 28 countries around the world. Our Marketing Training Program provides into 3 developments :

1. Sales and Marketing Development (develop sales and marketing skill)
2. Training Development (develop training and leadership skill)
3. Business Development (develop management skill)


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